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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who do I call with building questions?
City of Bella Vista Community Development Services Department at 479-268-4980 and Bella Vista Village Architectural Control Committee, Inc. (ACC) Office at 479-855-8080
Where can I get a plot plan for my property?
You can visit the ACC Office at 626 W. Lancashire.
How do I find my septic system?
In most cases, the septic system layout is located on the plot plan for your property.
How do I find a plat of a Bella Vista lot?

To find a plat of a (vacant) lot in Bella Vista, you will need to do the following:

  1. Visit
  2. Select ???Go to map??? button and accept disclaimer
  3. On the Basemap page find the search box.
    Go to Select search layer to begin and choose from the drop down and select:
    a. Plat Scans by Parcel ID or
    b. Plat Scans by Subdivision
  4. In Search box type in parcel number if Parcel ID selected or type in Subdivision if sub or S-T-R selected.
  5. Choose plat link from search results.
What is the minimum size house I can build on my lot?
Each subdivision plat lists the minimum livable square footage required for each platted lot. Please review to determine minimum square footage for the dwelling. Also note that a garage or carport is required and is not included in the minimum square footage.
Where do I find a copy of the Declaration and Protective Covenants?
You can find a copy of the Declaration and Protective Covenants on the ACC???s website at or on the POA???s website.