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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who do I call with building questions?
City of Bella Vista Community Development Services Department at 479-268-4980 and Bella Vista Village Architectural Control Committee, Inc. (ACC) Office at 479-855-8080
How do I get a permit?
To get an ACC permit you will need the following:

  • Signed application with all required documents listed on the application.
  • Example: Plot plan showing alterations or additions; Picture or drawing of structure addition or improvement; Elevations as needed, paint samples as well as roof color name.

Most common permit requests: Fences, decks, repainting, reroofing, sheds, and new homes.

Is my lot buildable?
You will need to determine if your lot has sewer or if you need a septic system.

To determine sewer availability, property owner should contact Village Waste Water Company at 479-855-7613.

If septic required, the desired house plan footprint along with septic field design footprint must fit within the building setbacks of the lot. Front and some side setbacks are platted. Property owner should contact City of Bella Vista Community Development Services Department to confirm nonplatted setbacks as well as City building requirements.

In addition, property owner should contact Health Department Designated Representative/septic designer for soil analysis and determination of required septic system size.

Property owner should contact a surveyor to obtain a survey of the property as needed. The ACC does NOT locate property pins or have guidelines for clearing lots.

The ACC does not recommend any surveyor or Health Department Designated Representative.

Where can I get a plot plan for my property?
You can visit the ACC Office at 626 W. Lancashire or the City of Bella Vista Community Development Services Department at 616. W Lancashire and request a copy of your plot plan.
How do I find my septic system?
In most cases, the septic system layout is located on the plot plan for your property. Some properties have an ???as built??? design???be sure to ask if your property has one.
How do I find a plat of a Bella Vista lot?

To find a plat of a (vacant) lot in Bella Vista, you will need to do the following:

  1. Visit
  2. Select ???Go to map??? button and accept disclaimer
  3. On the Basemap page find the search box.
    Go to Select search layer to begin and choose from the drop down and select:
    a. Plat Scans by Parcel ID or
    b. Plat Scans by Subdivision
  4. In Search box type in parcel number if Parcel ID selected or type in Subdivision if sub or S-T-R selected.
  5. Choose plat link from search results.
Can I put an accessory structure/detached garage on my vacant lot next door to my house?
Yes, as long as there is a Covenant 15 document recorded at the County Clerk???s Office or an easement release has been granted. If you are building a structure with utilities crossing the utility and drainage easement, an easement release is required. Please note that a new plot plan with all lots affected as well as all improvements must be submitted with the permit application. Check with the ACC for details. Please note that only lots with a common lot line to the residence are eligible for improvements.
What is the minimum size house I can build on my lot?
Each subdivision plat lists the minimum livable square footage required for each platted lot. Most subdivisions have a minimum of 800 or 1000 square feet for each lot.
Lake lots vary from 1200 square feet and up. Please review to determine minimum square footage for the dwelling. Also note that a garage or carport is required and is not included in the minimum square footage.
How do I get an easement release?
Once you apply for your ACC building permit, a letter requesting an easement release will be drafted for you to take to Cooper Communities, Inc. (CCI) or we will send to CCI via email. The process takes 8-10 weeks.
Where do I find a copy of the Declaration and Protective Covenants?
You can find a copy of the Declaration and Protective Covenants on the ACC???s website at or on the POA???s website.
Can I clear my vacant lot?
The ACC has no guidelines as far clearing a vacant lot, but you will want to check with City of Bella Vista Community Development Services Department for their requirements.